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Web Design

These are a small selection of some of our favorites.


InVision is a creative company that do major events for fortune 100 companies. They wanted a website that didn't simply explain what they do with paragraph upon paragraph but something completely unique. JHC did the design work and our developer coded the website using Craft CMS. Unique and built mobile first. You have to experience the site to fully understand it, screen shots do not do it justice. 


Sansone Group is a real estate company in St. Louis, MO. They have a massive list of properties they manage and needed a website that can handle a lot of traffic and information. Another custom job with Craft CMS that is completely mobile friendly. Property listings, custom maps, and self contained document hosting for their represented properties are just some of the features in this site. 


Goshen Coffee Company is a small roaster in Edwardsville, IL. Their website is commerce forward built in Squarespace. 


Parallel Chords is an independent film that started as a short and is now in the process of shooting a full feature. We designed their website in Squarespace and utilized Cinemagraphs for some interesting banners. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.34.03 AM.png

Bin 51 Wine & Spirits Is a unique shop in Edwardsville, IL that not only sells a great selection of liquors but also provides a local hangout with a small bar and tasting flights. We designed them a new website with scrolling storytelling elements and beautiful full bleed imagery. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.42.45 AM.png

Once Films is a film company from St. Louis that specializes in brand stories. We helped them develop, with the branding we designed for them, a website that told their story as much as featuring the stories they tell. Featuring a unique constrained color palette and a scrolling story.