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Who We Are

The biggest mistake agencies make is they claim to have a unique culture. The culture of an agency is made up of who it is surrounded by, not by who works there. Our culture is comprised of what we do, along with the things our partners and clients do. It’s not internal, it’s alive.

It’s alive because experience shouldn’t mean you’re a dinosaur. It should mean you stay up on pop culture, business culture and the culture of your disciplines. No brand or agency succeeds by getting up and doing the same thing every day. That’s called dormancy, and none of us want that.

For almost 3 decades, as the owner of JHC, I have been in love with design and creativity. And I have made friends with other people who share this obsession. We don’t consider a day to be productive unless we make something.

We brand and launch coffee, whiskey, beard oil and cannabis products in legal states. We help developers and real estate professionals market their properties. We help local businesses have easy-to-use websites and well-designed menus. We make films about unique places and products, and tell the story of who created it. We take these stories and help craft them on social media and on the company’s sites.

We make sure our brands take advantage of the low-hanging fruit, and think as differently as they can so they’re never confused with their competitors.